I’m Jasmine Zamprogno, and until a few weeks ago, I lived at International Student House (ISH). The House was a home for me.


Your financial support during this critical time will help ISH continue to provide an exceptional residential experience for students from around the world for decades to come.


I’m Jasmine Zamprogno from Australia, and until a few weeks ago, I lived at International Student House (ISH) while attending Georgetown Law. The House was a home for me, just as it has been for so many graduate students, interns, and scholars from around the world.  As you know, COVID-19 has affected all of us, and ISH is no different. Many residents, including me, had to make the heart-breaking decision to return to our home countries to ride out the wave.

During my time at ISH, ordinary things – breakfast, watching movies, studying – were made into incredible memories because of the people around me. Even as I prepared to leave the House earlier than I wanted, my fellow residents were the ones who held me together and made me smile. 

Even in this time, ISH continues to be a home for students and scholars from around the world.   You can make a difference in the lives of these residents -friends like Onder, Rempee, and Illayda- and future residents for decades to come by making a contribution to ISH.

During this time of uncertainty, it is the constant of the House and of this community that brings comfort to each resident. Your support will ensure the House remains a safe place of friendship for thousands of students like me.

I hope when future ISH residents arrive, the world is a little less chaotic.  When universities once again welcome students into their classrooms and interns return to their shared offices, you and I know that future students in Washington, DC will be in the best possible place at International Student House.

Thank you for your steadfastness in this time,
Jasmine Zamprogno 2019-20


Join us to ensure the work of International Student House remains strong.

As universities have closed, ISH residents have had to return home, and many rooms remain empty which impacts the House's operating budget. 

Help us raise $25,000 by May 31 so ISH can continue our work through the time of COVID-19 and look toward the future.


Did you know that President Kennedy hosted ISH residents at the White House? 

Become a sustaining donor by giving $20 a month (or more), or donate $250 (or more) and receive a limited edition ISH history book, "The International Student House Washington, DC: An Unforgettable Experience in International Living", where you will read about this story and many more.


Stay tuned for more messages and stories from residents and alumni in the coming days!


Rempee is a graduate student from the United States at American University studying computer and data science. Rempee, a current resident, calls ISH home during this time of physical distancing.

Raghu lived at the House for almost three years as he studied for his LLM at George Washington University.
It was his first time away from his home in India, and now ISH is his forever second home.


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